It is not always possible for children to return home during the shorter school holidays such as exeats and half terms. We use this time as an opportunity for exploration, enrichment and fun as well as continuing with studies – we create our “guardians etc. family”. We make plans which allow plenty of time for students to continue their academic studies as well as letting them be children and young adults in the UK, but out of the school environment. We do many exciting and fun activities such as surfing in Cornwall, short stays at Center Parcs, meeting up with other host families, swimming, cooking, pizza nights and much more!

When exams are looming, we arrange pre-exam weeks which means the focus is more on academic work, with fun and nutritious breaks in between. We do everything we can to replicate a “home from home” environment and look after your children in the way we would want our own children to be cared for.



“She enjoys all the activities and excursion guardians etc. arrange” – Parents of Year 8 student