It is also the time of year for pre-tests! A requirement of most of the top schools – we guide and support our students through this and currently have a number of year 7 boys who are working hard preparing and visiting some of the most prestigious boy’s schools in the UK. We are working with their parents and schools to recommend the most suitable schools and then helping them prepare and accompany them on visits and assessment days.

It is important to remember that the timelines for senior schools are getting earlier and earlier with most now pre-testing in the early part of year 7.

We have also been busy attending sixth form A level presentation evenings. Working with our students, parents and schools to help them think about their A level choices with a view to their future university course requirements and busy helping them chose and organise their enrichment/extra curriculum activities for the all-important preparation of university personal statements. We think it is critically important that each student chooses the right type of extra activities to both enhance their cv as well as help them acquire new skills and experiences – for example we find that speech and drama is particularly good for students who need that extra boost in confidence and communication to a wider group.  Volunteering is an essential element for D of E but isn’t only relevant for students choosing to do this – having the opportunity to give back something is enormously beneficial in a young person’s development. Helping our students find, chose and organise such activities is a standard but essential part of what we do.