Our new “introduction to the UK” programme is proving to be very popular. We have experienced too many times students arriving possibly for the first time in the UK and starting school the next day. It is a big thing to start to study abroad – what should be a very exciting new phase of their life can often be unnecessarily stressful and frightening. We have developed this programme having listened to parents, boarding staff and students themselves.

Our main aim is to make their first day exciting rather than frightening and for them to feel like everyone else! It its BIG thing to move country and to start a new school – we want to make their first experience a positive one, which will in turn will speed up the process of settling in and integrating into their new school. Our programme allows them:

  • time to get over their journey and any time differences
  • the opportunity to see the surrounding area, visit their school, local shops etc.
  • learn about some key cultural customs/traditions, sample food etc.
  • to buy all essential items such as uniform and phone cards; set up bank accounts etc.
  • a chance to get to know us as their guardian
  • where possible, to meet other students who will be in their new class so that they have a familiar face on their first day

These few days are spent ensuring that they have everything they need to start school feeling relaxed, happy and settled. It is our belief that this will make their settling into their new school so much more enjoyable for them and for you as their parents! It will also mean that they can get focused on their academic studies more quickly.