Please see what our students, parents, schools, host families and AEGIS have to say about us – we are also very happy to put you in contact with other parents and schools so that you can talk directly with them to really find out what we are like!

AEGIS say:

 “guardians etc. provides an outstandingly high level of guardianship to each one of its international students. Each student is nurtured and well supported, at every stage, pastorally, socially and academically. guardians etc. seeks to enable international students to make the most of their education in the UK and to achieve of their best. Overseas parents, home stays and schools are overwhelmingly complimentary of the high levels of professionalism and the exemplary quality of care and support the students receive.”

Parents say:

 Nothing is too much trouble, diligence and attention to detail.”

“Very honest and dependable.”

“A thoroughly professional guardianship.”

Your children will be made to feel welcome from the minute they step off the plane to the minute they return back to you.”

“As parents that live in another country Amanda has been a blessing. She takes care of our daughter’s every need. I can take her to school and return to Nigeria knowing that Amanda will take care of anything that comes up. I find Amanda to be very honest and dependable and has helped me on many occasions where I felt at my wits end .I will always be willing to refer Amanda and Bristol Guardianship to anyone seeking a caring experienced and dedicated guardian.”

“My daughter started in year 7 at which point my family members that reside in London were her guardians – it was a very trying year, Understandably they had to juggle their work schedule, family commitments etc in order to accommodate exeats and half terms which I found very stressful, especially when confirmation was always very last minute. Amanda took up guardianship of her at the beginning of year 8, one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am without stress and she really enjoys her exeats and half terms at Amanda’s house. She enjoys all the activities and excursion Amanda arranges.”

“Amanda has taken care of our 11 year old daughter for the past 4 years. My wife and I frequently work overseas and so it is essential that we can leave her in safe and reliable hands. As she has grown then so too have her academic needs and Amanda always makes sure that there is time for work as well as play. Her diligence and attention to detail mean we have no hesitation in recommending guardians etc.

“The services my kids enjoyed from guardians etc. is the same as the services and support they enjoy at home.  Couple of times, we’ve received services that is extremely time-bound and they have proven to be effective in their services. guardians etc. services is not only limited to physical and operational support to the kids, but they’re concern about the kids’ career, and emotional well-being. guardians etc. are excellent.

“Amanda is a very responsible guardian. She has done an excellent job since my daughter had arrived in the UK. She nurtures and cares for our daughter and every girl she is in charge. As a mother myself thousand miles away, I feel really safe that my daughter is being taken care of by Amanda. We are all really appreciated that she has been solving issues in and out of the school.” 

“We have used guardians etc. services for 2 ½ years. They have always been very helpful to our daughter and us throughout her time in school and we have had their support with all the aspects of school life. Amanda’s friendly and cheerful personality has made it a pleasure to work with them.”

“Amanda is our 15 year old daughter’s safe reference in the UK.”

“She is not only very efficient when it comes to deal with teachers and give us, as parents, their recommendations for improvement, but also very touchful with friends and staff, other than teachers, when dealing with other difficult issues, like is my daughter relating naturally with other class mates? Is she happy? Is she being able to make new friends? Is she understanding the opportunities the school has to offer?”

“She also pays a lot of attention to detail, from “finding that extra blouse” that the girl may need if her uniform has not yet arrived from school uniform shop, to buying a huge Birthday cake to our daughter and bring it on the early morning on our behalf, and give our daughter a huge hug and a present (on hers).”

“‘Reliable and trustworthy service delivered in a highly personalised way’ would be how I describe Bristol Guardianship.”


Students say:

I really like you being my guardian because you are always available whenever I want and I love staying with you for the exeats and half terms because we go on fun trips! When we go to your house you always seem to know what we like and dislike and you spoil us with lovely food and fun times!” – Year 8 student

 “Staying at Amanda’s home whilst here on my school exchange was a wonderful experience. From the moment I arrived I was made to feel at home and I settled in quickly. Meeting with friends, studying or just relaxing I was able to tell her what I wanted to do and she would understand. One of the highlights of my UK/South Africa school exchange was without doubt the amazing day trip to the roman city of Bath with Amanda- what an amazing fun filled experience. – Year 11 student

“I am always made to feel welcomed to Amanda’s house and feel like part of a multi cultural wonderful family!” – Year 8 student

 “When I was ill at school Amanda came and picked me up and took me to her house and she looked after me until I was better – she made me homemade soup as my throat was so sore.” – Year 7 student


Host families say:

 “Baking, museums, English Heritage, National Trust, cooking, games, cinema, shopping, cycling, barbeques, spin classes, football, swimming, celebrating Chinese New Year and lovely meals out are some of the activities that we have enjoyed over the years with the children.”

 “I have been a host family with Amanda since Bristol Guardianship was first launched and I have very much enjoyed the benefits this brings to our family. My daughter has made lovely friends and the times we have shared with children from all over the world has been hugely beneficial for both sides.”