Now that all our students are safely back in their right places after half term we can reflect on a few events. 

Everyone had excellent half term reports and could feel that they deserved a well earned rest. A group of us had a fun time in Cornwall for a few days – most of the time was spent in the indoor pool racing up and down and playing games, as well as taking part in the activities and crafts put on by the hotel.  Many went home and took time to relax and spend time with their family and friends at home and a few were lucky enough to go on a variety of school trips to France and even Disneyland Paris!

Not long before the Christmas events (concerts, play etc) start in earnest and we look forward to joining our students in as many of these as we can.

We are also busy assisting our year 10 students with finding their work experience placements and finalising university applications and the all important “personal statement”.

Our school placement service continues to grow rapidly and we are looking forward to welcoming 3 new students in January who are joining UK schools in Year 6 for the first time.