Welcome to the new school year! –a very warm welcome back to all our existing students and to our new students joining guardians etc. this term – it is lovely to see them all looking so happy and refreshed.  We are busy settling everyone into the new routines and making sure they have all they need!

A busy start with school placement – we are very busy already this term with finding the right schools for a number of students wishing to study in the UK. Please do remember it is possible for students to start throughout the academic year, it does not always have to be at the beginning of the school year.

Congratulations and good luck! – all our students did amazingly well in their external exams in the summer and we wish all those starting University the very best.  They are all going to top UK universities to study as follows:

Cambridge – Medicine

Edinburgh – Economics and Politics

Central Saint Martins University of the Arts London

Bristol – Dietetics

Exeter – Medicine

UCL – psychology

and wish to remind them they are truly the “best years of their life” so make the most of your time there!